Bhusaval is situated on National Highway No. 6 (NH6). Internal roads like Varangaon Road, Khadaka Road, Sakari Phata, Jamner Road, Jalgaon Road, Fekari over bridge are very congested in Bhusaval and are also connected to the (NH 6). Totally they have four exits from the town. Nasik (Hindu Pilgrimage place) is only 31⁄2 hours journey by road and railway. Shegaon, famous place is also 120 km from Bhusaval.



• Bhusaval has a very good railway connectivity, and an important divisional headquarters of Central Railway of the Indian Railways.
• The famous American 1956 movie, Bhowani Junction features a railway station that was modelled on the Bhusaval railway station.
• Bhusaval is a very big junction on Central Railway (The biggest railway station in Maharashtra). Mumbai–Delhi (North/West) & Mumbai-Kolkata (East/West) connections splits at this Junction.
• There is a Zonal Training Center for Railway Staff in Bhusaval. ZTC is the area known popularly.
• P.O.H. & M.O.H. are the two overhauling units work 24 hrs for maintenance of locomotive engines.
• When steam locomotives were used in India, this was a big Steam loco shed for the same and due to river Tapi, the train usually used to stop here to get water and stock for loco engines as well as passenger utility.
• A unique crossing (known as diamond crossing) of railway line - which is in 90 degree to each other is seen here first.
• Bhusaval is the nearest railway junction to Ajanta (60 km away), where every train has a stop.